"Breastfeed" is my favorite word for now

Yeah ladies, more on breastfeeding today :) See? I told you, this is my favorite word for now and insyaallah, will make it last forever.

Breastfeeding - it's a big word, it's a big thing. It takes every part of your life; mommy, in order for it to success. My first time did not go well even though I have done so much to make it work. Worried of my baby not getting enough, plus the super-hell-painful crack nipples and not enough EBM for Adam, I finally settled for formula. *Big sobssss here*

Then came the hot issue of "susu-lembu-anak-lembu" where most mom bloggers started to debate about and seriously, it was not helping at all. *eyh, tapi anak saya minum soya, so dia baby soya lah kan?* Frankly speaking, I didn't even bother to read those info available on forum page as suggested by few of you. Ok I know, the info shared on the web is informative and I did read a few pages but decided to stop the moment I found those unnecessary-words said by hardcore-breasfeeding-mamas. You know what I mean, I don't have to elaborate further in here.

Good for you if your milk is flowing non stop like kilang-susu-dutch-lady, but please don't look down upon those who fails to breastfeed exclusively. You never know what is their problem neither that you know what they have gone through. I prefer to read those blogs with moderate views and opinions, for example on Mama Danish blog. Which she will also be my right hand in breastfeeding this time, hihihi. Ok Lyn? Upah mintak kat Kown, tehehehehehe. ;)

So, back to my first time experience, the journey wasn't that smooth. Probably the latching was wrong and lack of info on few other things such as let down reflex, stocking up EBM, pumping schedule and etc. To me, breastfeeding is a thing that you need to experience firsthand before mastering it; it's not just about reading and theory. It's a lot more than that.

I learnt a lot from the mistakes done in the past and I hope that my second time won't be as hard as before. At least I know on what to expect when the baby is born and what to do next. I am more confident and determine this time because I know, come what may, I have a friend who is pro in breastfeeding to help me :) Unlike before, kalau nak mintak tolong datang rumah pun tatau nak cari siapa. Hehehehehhe. Upah mileage, Lyn mintak kat Kown tau. =P

Most importantly, I don't want to spend another RM300 every month for formula milk! Enough with Isomil. RM300 + RM300?? That's a ridiculous amount to spend for monthly formula milk supply hokeyyy??? Satu sen pun tak menjimatkan and that's equal to our Persona monthly installment. Soon, I will make this small poster and clearly state on it, "NO ADDITIONAL RM300 FOR FM!!" and stick it on the wall. RM300 is a lot! At least to remind me and to boost my motivation just in case I get close to surrender myself to FM. Tehehehehehehe... Tapi betul, ini sebab musabab utama kenapa saya nak sangat dan kena jugak bf. Takde duit weyyy nak spend sampai 500-600 beli FM, rugi mampuih Mat Kown kata. +P

Baby Soya =P


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