My little pianist

Ini biola, anak laki2 pakcik yang punya...

Ini bukan biola pakcik...pianoooo...

Adam is showing his interest in playing piano. It's cute to see my baby who has yet to walk, standing on the piano chair, spreading his chubby little over the keys and start hitting it like a pro.

However, that "owh-so-cute" scenario will normally turn into "dah-sudah-bising-lah-adam-haris" the moment you start banging the keys as you discovered, by doing so will produce louder sounds.

But well, he is just 15 months young baby and I have yet to see what is his real interest; maybe on musical instrument, maybe on art, maybe on swimming or maybe on something else that I can't think of it right now. My husband and I have no specific talent what-so-ever, unless you consider baking and decorating cupcakes as one. Or ability to fly a kite and to steer it in any direction you like. ~>-<


As for now, we will observe on which area that you show your interest the most and we will take your lead in deciding what and when the class is appropriate. We promise that we will support you and help you to reach your potential.

There will be time when I hope you get the precious talent of playing piano like Maksu Suraya or Maklong Nadiah, or the wonderful skill of drawing like Paklong Adi, or swimming skill like Maksu Sabrina, but come to think of it, I know Allah already blessed you with secret talents; we probably need to work a little bit more on discovering it.

Owh, maybe you are showing one already! Scribbling lines on your right palm using your left hand. *Left handed baby, for your info*


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