What is wrong with today???

I've received FIVE unwanted calls for today, with three saying "Anda pelanggan terpilih" Ok whatever!

Hari ni handphone number saya jadi hot number dalam dunia kah?

THREE calls from personal insurance agents. Ok, fine I decided to listen to one but I rejected the other two.

ONE from HSBC *ntah yer ker tak* wanted to offer me this insurance plus saving policy which I don't even bother to listen. First, because I already paid this RM40 monthly fee for Credit Guardian Plus to cover the debt in any unfortunate event *mohon dijauhkan* and the credit limit is RM5k only for which I shared with my husband. *Bukanlah riak tak berlaku apa-apa, tapi lain lah kalau outstanding debt sampai berbelas ribu, kot jadi apa-apa, sapa nak settlekan*

ONE call from premium company apa entah, saying, "kami hendak melakukan security verification ke atas kredit kad puan. Puan guna mastercard atau visa?" Dabel-yu-ti-ef, I hung up the phone immediately. Yes, rude I know. Tapi I belum hilang akal nak buat security verification to a stranger yang probably tengah duduk rumah goyang kaki pakai boxer dengan niat nak buat fraud. Ok, tak baik berburuk sangka, but world nowadays, semua tak boleh percaya. Dah lah pakai handphone number! 014-7288302. I just want to be on the safe side. TQ.

So yer, FIVE unwanted calls for today.

Bertuah kah saya hari ini??


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