Husband in the delivery room?

When we first discovered that we were going to have a baby, I immediately told my husband that I need him to be with me in the labor room. *I forced him to add my EDD in his organizer and to block his calendar plus minus one week* In the most good way possible, I want him to share the beautiful moment toegther because we both know that later, our life will never be the same again.

Yes, I just said "the most good way possible" because my husband is hemophobia (fear of blood) and of course I don't want him to cause another drama-suami-pengsan when the whole team is busy attending me. It's a different experience for every first time daddy but I believed it wasn't that bad for my husband. At least he didn't have to witness what was happening down there when I was pushing my 3.5 kg baby out to see the world.

As for me, below is the least that I think every husband should do to support wife during labor:

  • To make the wife feel as calm as possible and to remain focus on managing the pain. Maybe on breathing technique, recite surah-surah ke apa kan.

  • To give a good soothing back rub. =P You never know that you can actually be a good masseur, to your wife of course. Tehehehehe.

  • To take off the stress and the pain as much as possible. *Kalau kena gigit tangan ker apa, redha jer lah* Lucky my husband because I am not that ganas.

  • To know beforehand on what are the pain relief options available and which one that your wife has decided earlier. During this critical time, you can be a drug advocate to your wife and it's legal. +P *As for me, I already told my husband that I want to settle for epidural if the pain is unbearable. So when he saw that I was out of control with so much pain, he requested the epidural jab on behalf of myself. Seriously, I can't even think straight that time*

  • Just be there, strong and steady with a positive mind that everything will end beautifully. :) Don't be demotivated even if you hear the woman next door/next bed screaming her lung out. Tehehehehhehe....

So to all daddy and husband out there, I know this is not a picnic kind of thing but do get yourself to actively involve in the labor-room-pom-pom-team as it gives you a wonderful experience that last a lifetime. :) Go daddy go!!

P/S: Things may differ kalau bersalin dekat government hospital, kot?

P/S/S: Last few weeks, he asked me this, "What if Abang kena pergi Adelaide masa minggu raya? Masa dekat date nak bersalin tu?" I paused and gave him my raksaksa-hijau face without any say to it.

Think otak! Think!

So yeah, I'm holding his passport now. *Evil grin*


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