Choosing a gynae

"How to choose a gynae? What factors to consider? Any doctor to suggest?"

Above are few of the most frequently ask questions received from my blog readers which I believed most of them are first time mommies. Normally there's always a question mark between a hospital? or a gynae? And remember, paying an expensive consultation fee doesn't mean that the gynae is expert and good at his/her service.

When I was pregnant with Adam, I didn't do much research on which gynae is the best in town but I decided that Pantai Medical Bangsar is the hospital where I want to give birth. I just went to PMC, told the receptionist that I wanted to set a date for my first prenatal checkup, she gave me a list of gyno/obgyn available, I randomly chose Dr. Idora Mohammed and done, my appointment was set.

For so many reasons, I am happy to have her as my gynae. She's very accommodating, she's very soft spoken, she has these pleasant, gentle, calm and relax characters, she smiles A LOT, she makes you comfortable during procedures, she never rushes me for decisions and she gives a lot of time to listen and to fully explain on my 101 questions. Most importantly, her consultation fee is not expensive and everything is charged reasonably. *On average, my routine bill will be around RM150 inclusive medications; Pramilet, Neurogain and calcium pills, urine test and 3D and 4D prints. My delivery bill was RM3500 inclusive epidural, 3 days 2 night single deluxe room* Not even once that I walked out her room, feeling stress and worry, even though I keep adding up number to my weight. She's the kind who gives you advice and option that is best possible, not the worst possible. :)

So, just in case you are looking for a gynae, you probably may want to consider below factors before deciding for one:

  • Ask your relatives and friends for their experience and recommendations.
  • Gender - obviously many of us prefer to have female doctor right? I am, because I will feel more comfortable to discuss all those intimate matters or to get the procedures done by a female doctor.
  • Skill and expertise of a doctor. But again this is very subjective because what ever seen on paper and title, doesn't really mean that the doctor is good.
  • Consultation fee. Call the clinic and ask them what is the normal/average bill size for the doctor for both monthly check up and delivery. Or maybe they have package for you to choose.
  • Hospital. Is the doctor deliver at the hospital of your choice? Is the hospital located near or far from home or workplace? Of course location and logistic is a factor to consider too, because you won't want to beat the crazy traffic to travel for monthly checkup and labor, right?
  • Just in case your first visit is not satisfying and assuring enough, consider seeking for another option.

Hopefully, the tips listed above will help. On a lighter note, don't worry if you think you are totally clueless on so many things, because no lesson is truly learned without your firsthand experience. :)

P/S: Dr. Idora said thank you because I introduced her to few of my friends. FIVE to be exact. Not sure kalau ada blog readers jugak. Hihihihi.


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