Mama wake up! My diaper is leaking!

This is something that I rarely do in blogging - to write a post on Sunday morning, 6.40AM. But I feel the need to type it now before I forget the whole thing that happened just now. It's about Adam Haris. I can see that my baby has some clear sense of what cause & effect is. I know he knows it and I should take it as an achievement.

Diaper leaks is not something that usually happen to my baby because I always change him to fresh diaper every time before he goes to sleep. This is one good way to avoid the needless work during night time but my bad that I forgot to do so last night.

So, what happened was;

I think he woke up around 6AM (like he usually does) and not long after, he peed. Unfortunately, his diaper leaked and he was inevitably soaking all wet by his hip and back. So as causing this small-round-wet-shape on his mattress.

Then, he came up to me and he patted gently on my tummy but that was not enough to wake his Mama who just slept at 5am after a full dosage of mee goreng mamak. So he screamed out his high pitch voice of "Mommmaaa!! Mommaaa!!" very close to my ear and that finally woke me up.

First he showed me the wet spot on his mattress and said, "niiii" Then, with his whole baby effort, he placed my hand on his soaking wet bum and again said, "niiii" Wow! With amazement, I replied, "Owh, Adam Haris shi-shi yer? Tilam basah, seluar basah yer?" and he nodded.

Wowwieee!! He just showed me the ability of him to understand that when he pees, everything gets wet and he needs to get change into a fresh diaper immediately. He knows that he can't sit and sleep on a wet mattress and he can't simply drink his milk in a wet pajamas and diaper that leaked. Everything needs to be changed first and to add more surprise, he requested his "Nenen" only when everything is done.

Good boy son! Now I have some assurance and confidence that I can start potty training on you. But eyh, maybe I should wait until you are able to walk and I know, that will be very soon. :)


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