Selamat pagi Malaysia!

I woke up this morning with a hard rock tummy and slight discomfort down there. I can feel my belly harden up a lot lately and sometimes I felt like it's about to explode but it hasn't started hurting yet. So fine. The only two things that I hate most now are bad-diarrhea-cramps and pregnancy insomnia. Other than that I'm fine, even with this whooping extra kilos that I've been putting on since week 30. +P

So, how's your Monday morning ladies? I have a great start today with a box of homemade Whoopie Pies from KS. Thank you very much for accepting my order despite of your full house orders. I was just trying my luck last week or else I would have to wait until end of confinement period which lamalah lagi kan? Pictures? Sorry not today, because I didn't bring the transfer cable today. =P

And I'm happy to share with the world that my 13 months young baby has started walking yesterday! I was surprised to see my baby walking because he has never shown a step-by-step signals that "Mama, I'm going to walk soon" But yesterday, not just he can stand up on his own and unassisted, but he did more than just few baby steps and start motoring around the living room non-stop! Officially gila-stereng for now. Tehehehehehe. Rolling over, teething, sitting, crawling, standing and now walking! I never thought that he can walk this fast but well, he proved it otherwise. Pagi tak berjalan, tau tau petang dia bangun, berdiri dan jalan terus tanpa henti. All in a blink of an eye. What a bittersweet milestones, sobbbsss, you are all grown up now. Sobbsss lagiii~!!


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