What do contractions feel like?

I'm not a first time mother but I can't remember much on how the pain was. All that I remember is I was already 2cm dilated during my 39 weeks check up without feeling any pain at all. I can still walked around the mall with 2cm dilated, enjoying my last cup of Starbucks coffee, doing last minute shopping without anything happening at all. Otherwise, you would have read this tagline on newspaper - "Seorang wanita terberanak di IKEA" Eyh, but if that really happen, I bet Adam would have gotten himself a lifetime fully sponsored things from IKEA. Hihihihihi.

In fact, I enjoyed my 26th birthday in the labor room, being induced and dilated to another cm without any significant pain until Dr.Idora came in that night and broke my water bag. Then only the whole mama-drama thing started out. Water gushed out, felt like a huge bowel movement and pain became so intense, all within an hour. Finally, I decided to settle on epidural for which all of us thought that I will give birth earliest by Subuh, buy hey no, Adam came to see the world just 3 hours later (story-morry-morning-glory HERE and HERE). I think that is so senang and I wish my second time will be as senang as that. =P

Anyway, back to this contractions topic, for the past few weeks, I keep getting this bad-diarrhea-cramps and usually followed by lower back pain, and owh it's painful! I don't mind if it just a belly tightens up because I just felt a little uncomfortable with it and yes, shortness of breath but with no pain at all. I'm not sure how the menstrual cramps feel like because my monthly menstrual is fine. Well, maybe a little bit of pain sometimes, but it's insignificant and bearable.

To make thing worst, I'm having this pregnancy insomnia *ada ke term ni??* and I haven't slept well for the past few weeks. And see? Here I am now, still wide awake at 4.00am in the morning. I'm up all night trying to get comfortable and sleep, but heck, I ended up with blogging. I have 3/4 of the bed to myself, leaving so little space to my big frame husband yet I can't sleep. Semua positions serba tak kena. Tskk....

Anyway, what did your contractions feel like mommies? I know that everyone describes contractions differently but tell me your experience. :)


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