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is like this,

Sorry for not updating this blog lately. I have two boys who keeps my hands occupied round the clock 24/7. *Peluh* Tapi masih juge tak kurus. Takpe, sabar.

Aiman's daily routine is pretty simple. Sleep-drink-poopoo-and sleep again and the cycle goes on, but the fact that he drinks on every few hours can be exhausting too. And Adam needs just as much attention that Aiman gets from me, so I need to strike a balance between two of them. -_-"

Adam has become more clingy than ever and he will "Mama" me this, "Mama" me that and "Mama" me everything. Semua nak Mama lah, but that's fine. At least he didn't resort to tantrums and other annoying behaviors like throwing things, screaming and such. Most of the time, he wants to be treated just like Adik; nak swadle, nak sapu minyak dekat perut, nak duduk on my lap or anything that makes him a baby again. =P

Anticipating Adik feeding and sleeping schedule and Abang changing emotions is not an easy job as both can be particularly demanding sometimes. And everyday stress can also be overwhelming too *tapi kena maintain, nanti susu kurang. hehehehe* pergi online shopping lah, apa lagi.

Macam mana lah kehidupan ibu yang punya anak kecil tiga empat orang? or more? Memang wonder mom lah kalau semua buat sendiri. :)

Soalan tak ada kena mengena: Kenapa banyak blog feveret I semua ada malware? How to know this blog ada ke tak? Nearly 70% my favouritas tulis ni, "Visiting this site may harm your computer!"


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