The bliss of maternity leave is over

Afternoon people! I'm back in the office today and I must admit that 2 months maternity leave is not long enough for me. =P Gosh, time flies and without realizing it, I have returned to work already. *Sighhh* How I wish if I can have it longer because I seriously need my sleep back. But obviously, it will never happen and even if it does, I will still have to work round the clock feeding my super monstrous Aiman Haris. So how is that possible for me to sleep through the night lah kan?

Breastfeeding and working is a new challenge to me and it's quite a struggle to juggle between both. -_-" I slept late last night ironing clothes and packing Aiman's stuff and everything I need to pump my milk while at work. And it's just so sad that I have to say goodbye to bangun-pukul-6.30am because now, I have to wake up as early as 5.30am and start my day with expressing breastmilk before getting ready for work and still have enough time to feed Aiman. No such thing of "ikut mana sempat" because everything has to be planned and written down properly.

Still, my morning was quite a chaotic one today and it was so frustrated that I didn't get the free parking even though I got up so early and rushed right into the day immediately. Takde dah nak golek-golek cari mood ke apa sekarang ni...Hurmm, maybe have to wake up at 5.00am and leave the house by 6.45am, latest! Otherwise, please be ready to pay the freaking expensive parking fee of RM10 per entry. Dah lah jauh, berbatu bata, uncovered, tah apa-apa lah. Hmmpphhh... But I believed things will adjust accordingly in the next few days and hopefully my morning routine will turn into a peaceful one soon.

Will write more later because I need to go and pump my Shell V-Power for Aiman Haris. I have prepared 6 x 3.5oz of EBM for him today and still not sure whether the amount is sufficient for him because this little man is a demand feeder. I have the feeling that my mom will take out another 2 x 3.5oz nanti. I tried not to worry so much about keeping up with his needs and whether or not that I can express enough breast milk for his next day consumption ker apa. For now, I will just make use of the EBM stocks available. Believe it or not, my September EBM stocks amounting to 108.5oz are all gone! Licin! Ada yang guna masa kenduri, ada yang masa I demam and ada yang masa I keluar and tinggal baby at home. So now everything is gone and only left with my October stocks; approximately 125oz (about 35 packs). So tengoklah macam mana nanti sebab hasil 9.30am tadi baru 4.5oz jer. T_T


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