Pumping for my super fast milk slurper


I pumped 6 times for yesterday and managed to get a total of 21oz but still not enough to feed Aiman who needs 24.5oz from 7am - 7pm. Owh, he took the entire EBM packs that I prepared for him yesterday with no single pack left by the time I reached home. Hmphhhh...Hopefully my milk supply will catch up very soon. But again, I think I have come mighty close to his needs, it just that 6 pumping sessions per day is just too tiring. -_-"

I have to admit that breastfeeding is not an easy job, or never will be. Now that I have started working, breastfeeding has become an uphill task and also a battle against laziness *wipe sweat off forehead* Seriously, it takes a lot of determination and perseverance to make the whole thing success. Well you know, working and pumping in between is one tiring process but no matter what, I still have to do it continuously until Allah knows when.

Speaking of which, I have to express my milk as many times as possible because well, I'm a mother with not so abundant milk supply and rarely have issue on engorgement and leaking. Seriously need a lot of hard work to keep up with Aiman's daily intake (7 x 3.5oz). A total of 24.5oz!! *Fainted*

Nevertheless, I am still proud of myself *ehem* for being able to breastfeed Aiman, exclusively, for two months! *Yeay!* Because I gave up breastfeeding my eldest way too early as I didn't have enough courage to make it a success. Looking at the pitiful amounts of EBM even after consulting LC at PMC and series of painful and bleeding nipples, I decided to put a stop on breastfeeding Adam *sighhh*

The thought of "I have read enough so I know everything now" was a total mistake and things didn't turn wonderful easy as expected because reading and experiencing are two different things altogether. But now I know, that breastfeeding is a learned skill and persevere is the KEY.

Please meet, my new handbag T_T 
October stocks, 35 packs and still counting. September stocks already kawtim!

Aihhh, pening pening. Penat pikir, cukup ke makanan haku nih?


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