Baby Aiman's first photoshoot

Date: 20th October 2010
Location: Rumah 6070 (AH Brothers 2nd Home)
Model: Aiman Haris
Photographer: Umar Roslan

This is Aiman's first photoshoot at the age of 58 days old :) The pictures are just beautiful and I will definitely keep a CD copy in Aiman's Kotak Nostalgia (just like one that I did for Adam).

Even though the session was not an easy and a quick one, with few susu-breaks in between, but Umar, you did a great job by capturing Aiman at his cutest. We love it!

Thank you Umar for giving us this precious opportunity and capturing these precious photos  for us. And thank you Aisyah for assisting me through out the session.

Last but not least, thank you Tuan Rumah Seisi Keluarga for allowing us to use few parts of your beautiful home for this photoshoot. Tq tq ;) *In return, here flying kisses from Adam. Sorry, we can only afford this for now* Hihihihi


Last but not least, the one that we can't help from not posing for the camera; Aiman Haris ;)


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