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Do I have to drink milk during pregnancy? or while breastfeeding?

I guess this is one of the frequently asked questions by many of us, especially for the new moms right? Well, the answers may vary but one thing for sure, milk can provide healthy benefits to pregnant and nursing mothers. As we already know, milk is very rich in calcium for which it works as a good supplement to the mother and it is greatly needed for the growth and proper development of bone structure. Not only that, by drinking 1-2 glasses of milk everyday, it helps to reduce the risk of nutrients deficiency during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

But again, the choices that we have are abundant and having to choose on for the best can sometimes be overwhelming. Or you may want to settle with fresh milk which is just fine but as for me, I would prefer to have something more than plain fresh milk :) So I went to Tesco and I walked down the formula milk aisle looking for the available brands and it took me nearly half an hour comparing the labels before I finally making a choice. 

Friso Mum Gold!

It has everything that I need while breastfeeding my precious baby, Aiman Haris. Prebiotics & probiotics, nucleotides, DHA, AA, SA, choline, selenium, beta carotene, folic acid, iron and absolutely calcium! Naturally, every mommy would want to give every possible advantage to the little one right? So, whether you are currently being pregnant or nursing, strengthen your immunity now to ensure your baby is better protected.

Just to touch a little bit on probiotics and prebiotics, which I hope can be a good piece of info to every mommy out there ;)

Probiotics is a term that refers to good bacteria and Prebiotics is a dietary fibre which serves as a food to the good bacteria and helps them to grow. The good bacteria in Friso Mum are known by their scientific name - Bifidobacterium Lactis which keep you healthy by keeping bad bacteria from growing in the digestive system. Errm, do I sound very scientist-ness? :P

Anyway, probiotics help to relieve constipation (this is really a nightmare kan?) and it may prevent allergic reactions to newborn. Whereas prebiotics can help to increase solubility of calcium so that it will be easier for your body to absorb it. And now I sound very doctor-ness. Hihihihi.

Even though I'm on my slim-me-down-challenge and tend to be very picky on my everyday menu, I didn't limit or cut down milk out of my diet because it provides good nutrition to my body as well as to my baby; indirectly. I only need 2 glasses a day to obtain the essential nutrients and to help meet special requirements while breastfeeding my baby. :) Most importantly, Friso Mum is tasty and yummy!

So mommies, try out Friso Mum today! Go get your free samples from www.friso.com.my :)

Boleh cicah biskut juga! Sodap!!

Healthy produk susu ibu. 3 months & 7.2kg :)

Cubalah sekarang~! 




This product is simply a way for formula companies to make money off breastfeeding mothers. It's expensive, full of chemicals and is NOT needed for good milk production.

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