Haircut Disaster!

Seriously, I hate my new haircut! Waaarrrgggghhhhh!!!

I went to hair salon last week and told the hairdresser to cut my hair short because I wanted to give myself a new refreshing look, in the same time to make me feel 10 years younger than I am now. *Hahaha!* Little did I know that the idea of cutting off my long wavy hair was a disaster and here I am, still mourning over the loss of long hair. *Sobsss*

She ruined my hair! Not only she chopped it off completely short, but she thinned out my hair too! Ugly okeh, ugly! Now my hair gets frizzy easily and became dry ended too and that is hardly anything close to the hairstyle that I wanted. 

The whole plan to please my husband with this very chic hairstyle has turned into an awful and horrible Dr. Frankenstein look. Owh please, tell me how to fix it. Quickly. I only have headbands to do best with so little hair I have now and to keep myself from looking like a mad scientist.

Well, I know it will grow back *so why drama?* BUT it usually takes a year to grown it shoulder length. Erghhh. 

Ok fine. Be grateful. At least I still have a full head of hair and I don't need any Yun Nam hair treatment. Fine.


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