Breastfeeding and Diet

Ok, wait.

First, I don't do any crash diets here. Second, please, stop saying that breastfeeding will help to shed my post-baby flab. I know. But looking at the baby pounds that I packed on during my pregnancy and considering the rate that I am going now, I seriously need to get control of my food intake.

Tho many people said, "Tak payah diet, eventually you will kurus with breastfeeding". Yes, but when? And the damn scale is not moving people, so it's quite frustrating. Or maybe I'm the less fortunate mom that breastfeeding is not helping me much in shedding off the baby bulge. -_-"

So I told myself, let's do it the hard way.

Exercise and jogging. T_T

From now on, this will be my weekend routine and I hope it will help me on losing some weight. Hurmm, maybe I should start with walking around my neighbourhood, or park because I can't simply go out and start running cold turkey *terkejut badan nanti* and I hope that I can be consistent on this. Hihihi...

Not to be forgotten, eat healthy meals. It's time to say no to sugary foods and learn how to eat in small portion but frequently. Plus, I really need to watch my diet closely especially on my 3am snacks; roti planta with cheese or roti bakar with peanut butter or Nutella! :P Let's switch those fatty snacks with multigrain crackers and protein bar.

Last but not least, to start wearing my PB again :) Owh PB, please do wonders to me again, just like you did year ago. Please, I'm stuck at my weight now and I hate the fact that I have nothing good to wear due to too much of unwanted fat that makes me out of shape.

I'm not expecting miracles to happen but I do hope to lose some weight by end of this year.


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