Someone missing his daddy

Even though he may not be able to say it verbally, I know that deep inside, Adam misses his Ayah so much. It's all in the eyes. I knew, the moment he went "Ayah-this" and "Ayah-that", my 18 months son misses his daddy who has been away for four days now.

But how do I explain to him that Ayah is away due to this flood disaster in Kedah? You know Adam, people in Titi Gajah needs him more right now. See? You got a kind-hearted daddy baby. 

Because every time he asks for Ayah, I will just say "Ayah go to work" but well, Adam is big enough now to flash me this "why Ayah always busy?" face. Hmmpphhh....I wish he could understand that Ayah is busy earning money for us, but he's just one and half.

It is so sad to see him knocking our bedroom door calling for Ayah and hoping that Ayah will come out and take him for a car ride. And it is so kesian to see him holding Ayah shirts and start looking for Ayah all over the house. Not to mention, countless time of "Ayahhh" everytime he sees black Persona on the road or in the parking lot. *sobsss. wiping the tears*


Mama know how much you miss Ayah and I'm sure, Ayah misses you too.


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