Losing weight, hey I'm serious about it.

Today is day-6 of my slim down challenge and I'm happy that my body has shown some progress to it, like losing few inches here and there and managed to shed one kg off the scale. Yeay! But I'm a yo yo person for which I have to watch my weight very closely because it fluctuates so easily. I was once a 59kg woman, then it went up to 94kg (no joke!), then slimmed down to 69kg and happily rocketed back to 94kg few months ago. So now, I weigh 84 kg *spooky!* and obviously I am not happy with my current weight status.

I was so horrified when the BMI reading said that I'm obese, because with my 170cm height, I thought I would just be "over weight". But hell no, I'm obese people, obese! OMG! How far that I have gone with eating junks nihhh??? In disbelieved, I started to blame my husband for buying me McD Apple Pie mostly every night. Hahahaha, dah gemok nak salahkan orang lain pulak. :P Tho many said that BMI is not really a good indicator as compared to body fat analysis, still, I'm obese.

So I told myself, please do something before it hits number 90 again. It's time to move! It's time to lose my excess weight! Don't just sit and hoping that breastfeeding and caring for toddler will work miraculously on me. No, it won't happen that way. Or maybe it will, but not at speed. Plus I'm in a job whereby I just sit in my cube all day, so very minimal movements you see.

Worry not, I didn't do any strict diet and starve myself to death because that will ruin my body metabolism. I prefer to eat smaller meals but frequently. But I have to slash down my sugar intake *bye bye you chocolates!* and to cut my carbs gradually and make it to a minimum at night. I have no problem on having to eat more of high fiber foods and to drink plenty of water because I'm already doing it pun kan.

To boost up everything, I have started doing my long abandoned jogging routine yesterday! But heh, this 27 years old mommy can only jog for 500 meters before she starts walking to the end. Nevermind, the key thing here is not to overwork myself and most importantly is to do it consistently. I know it may takes a while, but I will surely get there. *Yakin diri gila*

Contoh main meal saya. 1 senduk nasi tak boleh tambah, no gravy, lot of veges and protein source. 


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