Yuhuuuu Darlings!

Helo people!

*Cleaning off the dust so it won't cake on my blog* :P

Thank you for all the "Shila-mana-kau-pergi-lama-tak-update-belog" emails and messages because well, alhamdulillah I'm still alive despite being buried under mountainous things-to-do. But sobsss, I'm not all fit and steady because I'm down with flu and fever and so as Adam and Aiman. *Hectic!*

I have so much things to say and to share but the mood hasn't kicked in yet hence I have no idea on how to pour those stories down onto this blog. Well yeah, tunggu lah dulu. :P Or maybe I have overdosed myself with Chlorpheniramine, so excuse me.

Plus, there is something else other than office works and kids that keeps me crazy busy for the last few weeks. And I seriously hope that things can be done completely and strike off the list by next Thursday, so I will be all set for our year end holidays in Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson! Ok, PD je pun. Kecoh. 

*Thanks Syarikat Telekomunikasi Negara for the force leaves. I leviu!* Because I'm so close to getting depressed as my EBM stocks level has hit the super dangerous button! Red flag! 6 packs left people!! My Mr.Labu is drinking an average of 5oz at one go. Setakat nak bagi 4.0oz, lupakanlah niat or he'll be screaming like nobody business for more milk in the next 15 minutes.

As for my diet, uhuk uhuk uhuk! I haven't slimmed down yet, but I've hit my number 79 two weeks ago. So yes please, let's have a big round of applause for ShilaShower. :P

Last but not least, nah, a sneak peek of my new baby :) Tungguuuu!!


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