Over 400 pcs paper bags and 800 pcs fashion tags

I'm a junk collector, I know. Because I've been doing it for more than ten years now. I buy things and I collect the paper/plastic bags and the fashion tags as well. I told my husband that I wanted to buy this transparent glass display cabinet to showcase my collection but he didn't seem to agree with it. Reason being because these are all discarded materials from the unnecessary shopping agenda hence they should just go to the bin.

Nevermind, until the time comes *read: new home, ehemm* I will definitely buy the glass display cabinet because currently it is all chucked into paper boxes according to bag sizes. Except for my fashion tags and labels, they have a very special place in my super large LV Neverfull box. ;) Keras, tahan lasak. 

Despite of the limited space available to store my collection, I am no where near with done on collecting paper bags, tags and labels and not even a step closer to slow down pun. -_- And here a confession of a paper bags collector;  there were times when I made unnecessary spendings just to get the paper bags and the fashion labels. +_+ Anyway, I read it on the internet that hobbies depict one's personality and status of mind, so what do you think of mine? Sakit jiwa ke apa kumpul sampah sarap? :P

So yeahhh, anyone from Malaysia Book of Records wants to acknowledge me for having the largest collection of fashion tags and labels so far? Over 800 pieces tau. Because for paper bags, I believed ada lagi yang sama gila or lebih gila dari I kot. Hihihihi... *Ok tipu-tipu je. Orang takde nak amik kira rekod sampah sarap deeerrr*


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