My version of David Copperfield

Incident 1

A whole bunch of keys on a keyring went missing yesterday and I knew it must have been Adam Haris who hid it somewhere because this is not the first time he has made things disappeared mysteriously. So I tried hard to remember few spots where Adam loves to keep things undiscovered; drawer cabinet, baby cot, push car storage compartment, underneath carpet, in between the fold of old newspaper, underneath dining table and few other complicated-to-guess spots. So yeah, after spending a useless one hour searching for the keys, I finally found it in Aiman's diapers storage sac. Ok noted, one new spot to add in the list. *Stress. Tarik rambut!*

Incident 2

Husband's deodorant and hair gel went missing undetected for nearly two weeks. Magika! He thought that it was me who accidentally threw away his things while cleaning up the room but of course I am not. So I told him that maybe it was him who left the things in one of the places that we went to. Alor Setar kot? Port Dickson kot? Well, so many possibilities lah kan. But last two days, we have found the deodorant in a place that we never think of, ever! (hair gel is still missing). TIN BISKUT JULIE! Deodorant dalam tin biskut! *Pengsan*

Of course there were few more of 'poof! and disappear' series happened in the house and I'm not sure for how long it will last. Well, it is not something unusual if you find a soup laddle in my Neverfull bag, like that. Seriously, I can go crazy nut searching for missing items almost everyday! This is a mental and physical torture baby, even worse than going for an obstacle course.

My version of David Copperfield :P

Off topic. By the way Sabrina, bila nak buat piknik-nasi-lemak-bungkus lagi? ;) Thaipusam holiday macam line clear je?


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