How to keep my little mess maker occupied with good activities?

I've been browsing the internet, trying to get a good list of kids activities and fun stuff to do around the house in order to keep my 20mos toddler occupied during the day. Adam had not been to any nursery nor play school at all, so I think that I need to plan for day activities for him so that he will not be wandering around the house, following wherever my dad goes or touching things and making mess.

Not only that, we also need to figure out on how to get him socialize with other kids so that he won't be traumatize for being away from home environment (i.e.starting preschool). I kid you not, he can scream the whole place down if he feels unfamiliar and insecure with new place and environment. And it's hard for us to find a good play school that accept kids under age 2; not any in my area and not even within 10km radius from here. >-< Nursery makan tido adalah. :P

TV is definitely out of his interest because the longest time for him to sit still and watch tv is 5 minutes and that's it. So yeah, there goes all my money for buying him the Baby Einstein CDs, Barney, Sesame Street or whatsoever because he hardly wants to watch it. And the only thing that he loves to watch (over and over again) is the 100 Songs for Kids on my iPhone. -_-

And his basket full of toys? Well, that could probably keep him occupied for an hour, at most, before he start looking for other fun things like pulling a drawer out completely, or collecting tiny bits on the floor and stuff into his mouth as if it's a yummylicious brownies, or tearing and chewing newspaper, or sprinkling baby powder all over the house and few other oi-anak-buat-apa-tu???!! kind of activities.

And I wonder how my dad gets to cope with handling one handful Adam Haris and one asyik-asyik-lapar Aiman Haris at once. Owh, just in case you don't know, MY DAD is the one who's taking care of my kids while everyone is at work. I have one cool dad, I know. ;)

One thing for sure, Adam likes to be outside and play in dirt, like water and sand play. He likes real life interaction, to touch and to feel things on his own. But again, there's no one there to look after him every time he wants to be outside because my dad has to look after the other Bam Bam as well. +_+ 

But I guess imitation is a good tool for learning too right? Because I noticed that he has been imitating us doing few chores like cleaning dishes, washing clothes, sweeping and using garbage bin. ;) He's in the state of photocopying and repeating whatever action that came across his sight, which is good I supposed. Except the extreme part of standing hands free on his push car. Cerita rempit mana hang layan nihhhhhhh!

So how now? Drawing? Crafting? Baking? Gardening? Swimming? Dancing? Singing? Forget it lah! Seems like chewing stuff collected on floor-sprinkling powder-tearing paper-pulling drawer-climbing stairs is all that he has for now. Adventurous enough tho, and not to him, but to us. *Sakit jantung!*

P/S: Maksu Yaya, Adam lama dah tak pi class nih. Dah macam-macam bahasa alien dia buat sendiri. :P

Ok, lepas ni kita cerita pasai Aiman Haris pulak ye :) He looks very much like his big brother kan?


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