My Connected Tot, My Adam Haris

Connected Tot.

Cute term right? And they called it a "new smart".

I got to know about this new term after reading this Connected Tot: Engaging Learning from Young, an article (The Star newspaper) written by Ruth Liew, the famous parenting and childcare columnist. 

Why "connected" and why does it relates to bijak cerdik pandai and all the super genius terms?

Because for learning to happen, your brain cells need to be connected and the more brain cells connect, the faster learning happens. See? As simple as that.

Ok, you may ask, how to make it connects faster? Ada apa nak makan ker? Ada apa nak buat ker? Ok, use the power of Google. :P I have found out that stimulation is one of the ways. But the other source that plays significant role to help brain cells connect for faster learning is Gangliosides. It’s a brain cells nutrient and can be naturally found in breastmilk, milk and egg. But of course the source from breastmilk is the best one kan?

Which I believed I have a lot more brain cells that are NOT connected that eventually will be lost. -_-" Because well, I'm a bit slow at critical thinking, at making decision fast. No, at making a GOOD decision fast. I can make u quick tap tap tap decision but highly likely the result will end to longkang. Hihihihihi...I'm a fact person, I hate to analyse things and start becoming the next Einstein by questioning so much of "why this?" "why that" and so on. Not good of course because I tend to accept things as it is without much question or to do things without thinking the consequences. +_+ What to do, I grew up that way.

However, kids nowadays are more inquisitive that they tend to question every single thing that happened in their life. And most of the time, we adults, have no specific nor logical answer to explain the why-you-have-think-so-hard-kid??? questions.

I have a nephew who likes to ask this type of killing question.

For example, (referring to sticky rice) "Mama, why the rice is standing?"

Or when the mom got pregnant and he was not ready to have another sibling and he angrily asked,

"Who puts the baby there????"

Hah, nak jawab apa? Pening tak nak fikir siapa letak baby di situ?? Kuikuikui.

As for Adam, obviously he is too small to question for things like that but I noticed that he has developed this "think out of box" skill quite well as compared to his mother who always came to mati kutu don't know what to do situation. :P

There was one time when he wanted to play water at the kitchen sink and I said "No, tinggi, Adam tak sampai". I thought he will accept my "no" word and I underestimate him (again) that he knows nothing about finding a solution but to accept things as it is. Unfortunately not mommy! Because he came to me pushing his plastic blue chair and insisted to stand on the chair so that he can reach the water tap.

There was another time when he wanted to go for a car ride but Ayah said, "Tak boleh lah, Ayah takdak seluaq nak pi jalan-jalan" (and daddy was wearing short pants that time). You know what he did? He came to us, with full effort dragging his Ayah's jeans and handed over the car keys to us. See? Usaha tangga kejayaan. 

So that's Adam Haris. He just don't accept things as it is. To him, there's always a way to make things work. There MUST be a way. Well, very not me. :P A lot of brain cells connected already. Very fast. ;)

Interesting fact for today:

Do you know that we are born with 100 billion brain cells equally but what makes a different between us is on how much the cells are connected. :)


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