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Diaper Cake!

Once a baker, always a baker. ;) Baking has my heart, if not with flour, egg, baking powder, icing, mixer and etc, then diapers, romper, bib, socks, blanket and such will still do great.

I was looking for several different newborn gifts (not those off the shelf items) when I later came across samples of beautifully decorated diaper cakes. And yes, diaper cakes are all the rage now for newborn and baby shower. 

So I thought, why not if I bake one? After all it won't be as tedious and messy as baking a real cake or cupcakes and I can still do it even with my two boys around. No baking required as all that I need to do is to assemble the adorable baby stuff and shower it with lots of love. :)

This is a version of 100% usable cake (unfortunately not eatable no matter how yummy it looks) which I believed will make the recipient goes "Oh!" "Awww!" "Wow!" when she receives it. Even my husband flashed this "what the hell in the world that you are baking diapers??!!" when he first heard the term DIAPER-CAKE, because well I did use my round cake pan to get the perfect round shape. Muahahaha!

After spending 3 hours of rolling, squishing, arranging, stacking and pinning, here the delicious diaper cake which I personally think is not that bad, considering this is my first time doing it. *Smug*

Want to have one? I can bake one for you, using your preferred ingredients to suit your budget and rest assured, no two cakes will ever be the same. Well, you know where to drop your email kan? :)


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