I want to quit my job and become a party planner

Ok. Joking!

People in The Company, please don't take my words seriously. Chill lah. Monday nih kan ;)

But truly deeply madly, I love party planning than number crunching. T__T Oklah, who doesn't kan? Personally, it is so satisfying seeing the kids happy and delightful with the magic I created. Worth my gunting kertas effort. :P

Except that my darling birthday boy was down with fever on his party day and the whole combo of Paracetamol, Aerius and Mucoslavan syrups made him a little less active than he usually is. However, I'm glad that the party went well without any dramas from my two not-so-well boys. 

Anyway, here are some details about the party which I hope may come in handy if you are planning one :)

Photographer: PhatDivaMama
Birthday Cake: Bake Freshly
Party Printable Template: Bought it from ETSY and it costs me USD 30 for the customized vehicles theme and plus, it was a rush order too. :P Nak cepat bayar lebih lah kaedahnya...But worry not, you can still get a nice ready made party printables for only USD10 on Etsy. 

Log on to Etsy - browse for party printables or you may want to refine your keywords accordingly - communicate with the seller (if necessary) - add item to cart - make payment via Paypal - receive your pdf file through email. 

Next, go buy printer and print as much templates or items that you want. 

Lazy to work with scissors and cutters? 

Boleh order from our local designer like Dear Azalea and Creative Genius Printables. Terus dapat siap. 

Balloons: Balloon Buzz, Bangsar
A1 Welcome Board: Dear Azalea
Photobooth Props: Dear Azalea
Pinata: LZ Pinata Way cheaper than those found in party shops :P
Candies: Mostly bought from Cold Storage and Village Grocer
Yellow Party Hat: Party@World, Ikano Damansara
Partyware: Ikea and Tesco
Vehicles Favors: Tesco
Bubbles: Tesco
White Glassware for Candy Booth: Daiso

Photo from Phatdivamama ;)
The Entrance
A1 Welcome Board
Signage DIY :)
Adults Section
Kids Fun Zone
Candy Buffet & Kids Meal Buffet
DIY Mineral Water Label 
Cake from Bake Freshly
Flag also DIY. 
Cupcakes from Bake Freshly
Mini Scones
Choc Feuilette
Vege Quiche
Deco from ShilaShower Party Planner :P
Activity Table
Photobooth Props
Party Hats and decos from ShilaShower ;)
Designed by ShilaShower. I made it. Serious tak tipu :P
Also another signage designed by me. :P
Party hats for Adam & Aiman :)
Favor bags that I bought from Daiso. Lepas tu tampal lah thank you note itu :P
From ShilaShower
Also from ShilaShower
Jugak from ShilaShower
Thank you Anita and husband for the pretty pictures tagged on Facebook! 

Last but not least, Si Tembun yang 24/7 busy body dengan barang Abang. 
By the way, nampak tak kotak besar berbalut surat khabar tuh? Itu lah hadiah birthday ShilaShower from Mat Kown. Surprise bangat! ~___~ Tapi tu cerita later.... 

Till then, tata!


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