Laporan Penilaian Gula Tambahan oleh Prof. Adam Haris

Title: Hey Sugar Sugar!

Key Issue: Too much added sugars in growing up milks. By the way, have you seen the new tv advert that says current growing up milks have too much sugar?

Objective: To observe whether the said issue is true or otherwise.

Possible Scenario: Referring to above mentioned tv advert, Mama & Ayah could be feeding me up to 13 teaspoon of added sugar with my current yummylicious growing up milk. Hmmpphhh, no wonder this new milk taste good than my previous milk.

Tool to Use: Sugar calculator which can easily be found in major hypermarket. Worry not, this is not some expensive scientific calculators whatsoever and it's FREE! (Where to get: growing up milks isle)

[1] Went to Tesco Kepong to get my observation done.

[2] Look for Growing Up Milks isle hereinafter will be referred as GUM.

[3] Take one specimen and read the label carefully because it is important to decode the hidden names of added sugar. The commonly known ones are corn syrup solid, sucrose and glucose syrup solid, but if none is found on the list, then it could have been the carbohydrate.

[4] Check the carbo level PER SERVING.

[5] Turn the arrow to the nearest round up figure of carbo level per serving.

[6] Read the number shown in the window. So yeah, that's the estimated number of added sugar that Mama & Ayah could have feed me, on average of 3 feedings everyday. But I drink more yo! Sugar high already *jumping up and down!*

Finding: YES, most of the growing up milks contained a super shocking unbelievable number of added sugar and YES, it can be up 13 tsp everyday.

Call to Action:
[1] Should ask Mama to buy other brand with NO added sugar in it, except for what naturally available in the substance. But well, not sure how it tastes like lah kan? +___+ Still, why not to try for better health and future :) Milk is important, what is not important is the added sugars.

[2] You want to check yours? I have captured number of labels for you to refer but with no brand stated on it. :P After all, you surely know which label belongs to your growing up milk kan? kan? kan? :P

[3] Help spread the news to everyone else :)

[1] Semak Gula website. Everything you need to know about added sugars in kids growing up milks. Owh, they have this electronic sugar calculator for you to use. :)

Note: Experimental format should not be referred by any party as a formal report. Professor still in training. Hikhikhik!


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