Father's Day 2011

So, how did you guys celebrate Father's Day with the men of your live? We, as many other special occasions, have celebrated it with hi-tea buffet in Royale Chulan. Check out their dining promotions for CIMB Bank Card holder :) 

As usual, it was not my husband who enjoyed the delicious wide spread buffet most, but me. =___= Husband was busy looking after the kids while his wife concentrating on stuffing herself silly with good foods. Seriously, their tempura and sushi are to die for! 

What diet? No no diet here. 

And the best part is, we went for a date last night. It may not seem like special to some people, but it meant a lot to us because we rarely get to spend quality time together like that. You know, just the two of us without the kids, no strollers, no baby bags, no baby-room stops whatsoever. ^___^ My husband is a crazy workaholic that I sometimes think he is married to his job, not me. Haha. Worry not, he is still an incredible father to the kids and a great life partner that Allah has destined for me (he actually spolied me good as well, so no complaint). Alhamdulillah.

Like yesterday, we went to pick our laundry from Mitiaro Laundry, Ikano and that lady said to my husband, "untungnya istri Abg, nggak perlu basuh baju. Senangggg begitu" and my husband replied, "ya benar, dia untung, aku yang rugi. Kerna aku yang membayarnyaaaaa". Hahaha! *I'm spoiled* :P But not everyweek lah, sekali sebulan tu adalah, kalau dah serba tak sempat, in fact now asik-asik hujan saja. 

Not to membebel further *Monday morning otak block*, here some photos from yesterday's event. :) 

*Yawn!* What a mandom Monday lah weh.

So, how do you like the idea of "Combo Double?" Aagaggaga!
Mr. Lovely man :)
Calon menantu, anyone? Tehehehe...
Butter Monster. Pakai chopstick. -___-
Mr. I-Want-to-Eat-Everything-Anything-I-Donch-Care!
Mat Kown and Junior
Shila and Junior
Finally! Dapatlah satu family shot. Tho not a sharp one. 
Mama. Sempatlah lagi nak posing ngan Jac kan. Anak murid lah katanya. :)
Selamba tapau breadsticks. T__T
Jackpot of the day!
Gosh! Now I'm hungry for this!
Ini Aiman punya. Serious tak tipu. Apadehal takdak gigi pun. 


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