Garrett Popcorn

I'm not a big fan of popcorn and not even one of those yang must-eat-popcorn-while-watching-movie. So, when I first walked into Garrett Popcorn shop in Resorts World Sentosa, I was like, "Ok, so this is what everyone fussing about?" and I decided to give a try. *2 bags nonetheless. If not for the first time, I think I must have bought a gallon of it* -___-

My verdict? Hands down people, it is too delicious to be described by words. The best popcorn I have ever had in my life. Trust me, once you start, you can't stop shoveling a huge handfuls popcorn into your mouth. 

My most favorite is Caramel Crisp. Buttery was just ok. My mom had that Cheese Popcorn but not very much my liking because the texture was very cheesy  buttery, greasy and gooey like that. Caramel Crisp is still the best! Perfectly coated, fresh and crispy. Period. 

You know what? I get greedy when it comes to Garrett popcorn, not even to share a bag with my husband. *______* I can demolish the whole bag all by myself.  This stuff is addicting lah weyyy!

Price wise, I personally think that it is reasonable and not overpriced, considering the popularity, brand and tasty finger licking good popcorn.

Seriously, Garrett Popcorn is a treat that is not to be missed! Something that u just can't pass by the shop without getting some. Hmpphhh, now it makes me want to go back there (USS) and get myself a gallon of this. Aha, anyone going to Universal Studio Singapore anytime soon? Can u do me a little favor to tapau for me this, pweety pleaseee? Of course I give you the money lah. :)

Ahhhh!!! I so want this freshly popped popcorn, pleaseeee.....

P/S: This is one of Oprah's favorite snack. ;)


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