Flying with Jetstar

After having such an awful experience with Airasia sometime last year, I decided not to travel with my kids by this low cost airline carrier anymore. Seriously, I'm fine if it's adults-only-trip, but hell not with the kids. A big no no yo, pbfttt!! Because I personally see that Air Asia is not a baby/toddler friendly airline service at all. Sorry it's a painful statement Mr. Tony Fernandez but I had a painful moment of mine too Sir.

Remember that they don't have aerobridge to connect the terminal and the aircraft, and with that, you still have to walk down that movable stairs and continue all the way to the terminal building and it's quite a distance too. So the bad thing was, this Air Asia perasan seksi gorjes attendants didn't even bother to give a slight help to open the umbrella for me as it was raining heavily outside and my hands were fully loaded with handbag, baby bag and Aiman Haris. What an unfortunate event that we (my BABY and I) got all wet while crossing from aircraft to passenger walkaway. 

Not to mention that you have to pay for every single thing lah kan. Express boarding lah, preferred seat lah, baggage allowance yang freaking expensive lah, blerrghh! Fine, it works on the basis that you want extra, you pay extra like that but at the end of the day, the cost that you are paying will be very much close to paying for a Malaysia Airlines Get a Deal tickets. Choyyy! Or other airline carriers that worth flying with, like Jetstar :) But fair enough that Air Asia shouldt be just perfect for a frequent traveler with lesser luggage (and no kids tailing obviously) and required not so premium service.

So here, after flying with Jetstar on route KUL-SIN-KUL, I am pleased to share that we didn't encounter any problems at all. Except the slight flight delayed from KL to SIN as they found out there were two luggages boarded onto the plane without the owner travelling on-board. Hence the airport crews need to re-class the luggages and took off that two mystery bags off the plane. Quite a scary moment jugak, mana lah tau ada bom ke apa. Hekhekhek.

Here the plus points for Jetstar:
  • Aircraft were clean and no sampah sarap whatsoever.
  • Cabin crews were very friendly and in fact, they briefed us personally on how to handle kids during emergency.
  • Jetstar issued a proper airline boarding pass, not anything like Air Asia print out receipt.
  • Depart from KLIA International Terminal. Weehooo, very convenience. Sorry, I don't really like LCCT, sudah macam Puduraya rupanya.
  • Sales fare already inclusive tax. No hidden fees punya.
  • Seats are comfy tho it is not very spacey. But the seats can be reclined, so ok lah.
  • Starting baggage allowance of 20kg. 

All in all, I am one happy customer and very glad for choosing Jetstar. Well, it is still a budget airline tho and obviously I can't compare it with full service carrier like MAS but superb enough as compared to Air Asia. :)


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