After much thought and deliberation over past few weeks, we have decided to send Aiman to nursery. Seriously, we had a hard time contemplating between to send or not to send because for all this while, it has always been my parents (Abah in particular) who looks after the kids while we are at work. 

For now, I can't give up my career so that I can look after the kids full time because well, we need MONEY. Furthermore I still have few more years to serve the Company due to my scholarship bond, hence quiting the job is not a good option as yet. But few years down the lane tak tahu lah. Kalau rezeki Mat Kown lebih, mungkin boleh berhenti. 

And we know that Abah can't handle my two kids at once. Ok, he did but I bet it must be pretty challenging because I know that Aiman is one super lasak baby. One who can terjun tiruk katil for so many times, diving down the stairs, climbing out his walker, standing in his stroller even if we buckled him up (so pandai to unstrap himself), so yeah he is one active baby. While Abang is super clingy to Tok Wan, I know, it must be very hard for Abah to take care both them together. -___-"

And I can't expect my husband to be home early so that we can have extra hands to look after the kids. He need to work extra hours, extra miles for extra Ringgit Malaysia every month. Unfortunately, I can't be home as early as 6pm everyday too. I have my own workload and in fact, masuk office pagi pun lambat. So takkan nak balik awal? 

So the best option that we have now is to send Aiman to nursery. Tho I'm a little apprehensive but this is the best we can do. 

Selasa depan cuti. Misi mencari nursery akan dilakukan pada hari tersebut. Sila doakan ShilaShower tak cerewet kronik that day. -___-

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