Strocho Pie

Yummy! I'm good at making people salivate over good foods through pictures. I know. Haha.  

Fresh red ripe strawberries, rich smooth chocolate and yummy pie crust, all combined to make one rich Strocho Pie! Strocho as in Strawberry and Chocolate. :) This sweet and sour and milky combination surely brings your taste buds alive!

Seriously a total knockout dessert. ~_____~ 

Hey, it makes a perfect dessert for daddy dearie kan? Or husband perhaps. Father's Day is approaching right? Nora Elena once said, "Merah melambangkan chenta" Auwww!

Chocolate rush already? 

Go order yours now. This luscious pie came from GirlsMadeOf's oven :) Nadiah 016-3900326


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