Bloggers without Borders Dinner

Last few days, Maxis hosted this Bloggers without Borders dinner at Upstairs Alexis Bangsar, but I think the whole event was more like, errr,,,gadgets and technical stuff conference? Hahaha! Seriously. A night that was full of Blackberry, Playbook, HTC, capacity, speed, traffic and all other super technical words and phrases and not about Ayam Masak Merah or Marinara and such. :P Stuffing-yourself-silly session only happened towards the end of the event while the rest of the evening people keep on talking and discussing things like latest trends and updates in telecommunication industry. 

Nevertheless, it was such good and informative event that it has taken up my gadget knowledge to another level or at least I know how does Playbook works in comparison to iPad. Haha! Fine, that's the basic thing of all. But come on, I pembuat diaper cake cum ex-cupcakes baker, all this technical and gadget stuff didn't take much of my brain cells tau sebelum nih. Hehehehe...

To make me a wee bit updated  as compared to kamu orang semua *ahaha, smug!*, I've got my hands on few of smart phone prototypes which the models will only be in the market like when, next few months? Kira tak jual lagi lah senang cerita. :P 


Got the privilege to buy Playbook at a special price as low as RM490! No kidding. So yeah, we the three makciks; being me, CikLilyPutih and Viruspadu have already registered ourselves for the very eye popping Playbook subscription. Unfortunately, makcik Lily failed to force En.Jai to subscribe for one. Pastu dah balik baru nak meroyan kat Twitter mintak Playbook. Agagagaga! Penat ahkak Lily tolong amik borang tau. :P

Last but not least, I am so jealous with Audrey kawai nih, dia menang Blackberry Bold malam tuh! Came so late yet so bertuah to win a Blackberry phone. Mine almost kaput still belum bertuah to get a new one, be it a free lucky draw gift or sponsored by husband, takde punnnnnn. ~=_____=~


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