Fazura Beli Porsche Panamera!

Fazura punya pasal, I beli majalah ni pagi tadi. -_____- What to do meh? A very pretty face on the front page that I just cannot tahan myself from not buying it. Strategi pemasaran betul!

*immediately flip to the page where Fazura got featured and couldn't be bothered to read other pages pun*

Read...Read...Read until...

Homaigod! She booked a Porsche already! Porsche Panamera. One young pretty lady soon to be a proud owner of Panamera. Wuishhh, bestnya.

Nur Fazura Sharifuddin

To me, she is amazingly gorgeous. She looked elegant and beautiful in her own way and she doesn't need heavy make up to look pretty. Nice body figure with sexy long legs, aihhh, cantik sungguh kamu ini. And she's the reason why I keep on watching Pisau Cukur movie again and again without feeling bored :P

Owh excuse me, I'm straight.


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