Universal Studios Singapore - Part 2

Yuhuuuu people! Let's move on to the second part of my Universal Studios Singapore travel journal and sorry that it took me almost two weeks to continue writing. The ever so bosan reason that I bet you wouldn't want to know is BUSY. Busy with kids (plus Aiman has not been well since last week), mounting office workload, diaper cake orders, line of events, pending draft posts and to make things worse, my laptop has gone forever cacat with space bar key being pulled out by Mr.Chucky Aiman. -____-" Harap alasan-alasan dapat diterima. :P

Madagascar Park

I personally think that only two parks are deemed suitable for family with kids aged five and below, namely Madagascar and Far Far Away (hmpphhh, not so much kan?). And inside Madagascar zone itself, there are two main attractions (river boat ride and carousel), two dining places (Casa Del Wild and Gloria Snack Shack) and one merchandise shop where you can find assorted Madagascar inspired stuff in there.

Madagascar Crate Adventure; this is a family oriented ride that going to take you on a river boat adventure with Madagascar characters; Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo. A creative show of its kind where you will experience to watch live animated movie being recreated in front of you. Ala-ala naik boat sambil tengok show macam tu :)

As for King Julien Beach Party-Go-Round (the carousel) this is just one simple entertainment to make your little ones amuse and happy for riding on it. At the slow-mo speed rate tuh, it doesn't really warrant your kids to fasten the seat belt pun, hahaha but yeah, to be on the safe side just clip on the belt lah kan. Not to mention that the ride wasn't that long yang "eyh? dah sudah?" and Adam kept asking to go on the "zebra-pushing-pushing!" over and over again. *Pening*

Waiting time for both rides wasn't that long (tak sampai 10 minit pun) but please be informed that you still need someone to look after the strollers (if any) and other belongings while you go on the ride. Unless you don't mind leaving your stuff unattended, heh, silakan...Hehehe...

I have no comment for the eating places in this zone because we didn't try any of those pun. But here a little bit details of the two outlets in Madagascar park (taken from USS official website).

Casa Del Wild®
Marty the Zebra fronts Casa Del Wild, which serves a variety of lip-smacking South East Asian specialties, such as nasi padang, pad thai, chicken rice and Asian rotisserie chicken.

Gloria’s Snack Shack®
Join Gloria the hippo at her favorite watering hole, which offers Japanese-inspired quick bites like yakitori and rice bowls, and invigorating thirst-quenchers.

Shop wise, not much of Madagascar inspired things attracted me hence I didn't really gone wild in this shop or maybe I am just not interested into this Dreamworks animation film. In fact, Adam didn't ask for single thing here, so selamat lah duit. :P

But sobssss, this was the only area that we missed to take picture the mascots, so no poses with "I Like To Move It Move It" characters here. The only picture taken with Madagascar characters was the one located near the entrance, sadly not with the mascots, patung sahaja. :(


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