One of the good things of iPad for kids

iPad helps my son to learn alphabet in the fastest and fun way and now he knows how to associate each letter with words, for example A for Adam, A for Apple or O for Octopus! *big word, octopus* :P

However that is just one of the good things of iPad on kids learning and education aspect and the negative side of it is still there. To me, it turns bad when Adam starts to spend more hours playing games and applications on iPad instead of playing outside, getting himself all sweaty and dirty. Or even worst when he tend to sleep very late at night. 

But again, I am still thankful to iPad for helping Adam to learn his stuff and broaden his knowledge, faster than what I ever expected. At the age of 2 years old, I think Adam has developed a rich vocabulary set and that makes him like a talking machine now. Bercakap jer tak berhenti. -____-" 

P/S: Excuse me on my suara Rancangan Pendidikan Kanak-Kanak RTM :P


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