Another round of party planning!

Yeahhh, another kid's birthday party coming up and that means another round of gunting-tampal-kertas works too. I know, that is quite time consuming and tedious printable party works but seriously, I derive a great personal satisfaction upon completing the event on my own. Plus, it's unique in a not so common party theme and cost saving too!

But the party will not be happening so soon as we are postponing the event to end of September. Why? Because the party planner will be very busy over the next two months as the Company business plan plan cycle is just about to commence.*Nightmare!*

So the issue now is, I am running out of idea for Aiman's 1st birthday party theme! I am absolutely have no ilham on the theme. We have had Jungle Babies and Transportation previously and the fact that I'm trying to have something that is unique and special, tu yang lagi macam I takdak idea. Pirate? Construction? Plane? That is not so Aiman for the time being because this little man will be turning one jer nanti. He definitely has no idea of what is Captain Hook and people in Neverland and he doesn't seem to show much interest in all this vehicles stuff. 

But he likes monsters! Sully Monster Inc. in particular. Maybe a "Monsterrific!" party theme can be a good option for now but I'm a tad bit worried if this baby monsters theme will scare other little VIPs pulak kan? -_____-" Or maybe we should just settle for Elmo and Cookie Monster theme and still a monster jugak. Aihh, wanting so much to have Monster Inc theme, but hey, we are living in Malaysia where party theme resources are still quite limited. So takmau pening cari bahan.

Will keep the options open for now but meanwhile the only two theme that currently under the list of consideration are Monsterrific and Elmo & Cookie Monster. 

Owh! Just in case if are wondering, "apa yang nak susah buat birthday banyak kali nih?", well my very personal answer will only be this. "I'm trying to remain fair and equal as much as possible yang I mampu". You get what I mean? We made two birthday bashes for the eldest, then takkan yang adik tengok saja? Nanti esok besar Aiman tanya, "Mama, kenapa dalam Fesbuk Abang Adam ada folder 1st and 2nd birthday, Aiman punya tak dak?" Ha, siapa nak jawab? Assuming that Facebook is still the hottest social network platform lah masa tu...Hehehe... :)


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