Yuhuuu!! Another Exora VIP Test Drive Session!

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It's happening again and this time in Malacca~!


Huwaaaaa!! I'm sad because I still can't make it to this great event. Yeah, it's only Malacca but how to go leyyyy? No one is available to take of my kids while I'm away for a day trip to Malacca and the fact that my husband is not around too, haihhh everything seems impossible lah. It's ok then, maybe I will just go and test drive dekat Proton's showroom but huhuhu, definitely going to miss the good things happening during the VIP session. *teary eyes*

Pergi saja lah nanti test drive, nak tengok sendiri how comfy, stylo and spacious the MPV is kan. But as for performance and safety, I will leave it to my husband to comment. I bukan bawak pun nanti, duduk goyang kaki dekat sebelah je. Hehehehe...

Anyway, to Malacca people or anyone staying down south, don't miss out on this great opportunity and get to participate in final Exora VIP Test Drive session that will be held in Philea Resort & Spa, Ayer Keroh on 30th and 31st July 2011 ok? 

Please leave your details (name, email & contact no.) should you be interested to join Exora VIP Test Drive final session in Malacca. :)


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