Universal Studios Singapore - Part 3

Far Far Away!

Yeah, this is the most awaited part of our visit to Singapore, in fact the main reason why I wanted to bring the kids to Universal Studios Singapore. Eyh, wait, not just that. This is the only zone that Adam anticipated and excited most as he repeatedly said "Adam nak pergi rumah Shrek! rumah Ayah Kun!" on the day before. -_____- Yeah, rumah Ayah Kun, you sounded as if Ayah owns some million dollars shares in Universal Pictures Company Ltd. lah kan. Hehe....
Anyway, you can find 4 main attractions, 3 food outlets and 1 merchandise store in this area but please be careful, that Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop can really make your pockets all koyak because this store sells everything cute and adorable Far Far Away keepsakes which you may find very hard to resist buying them. Even worse when you have little kid begging you to buy things. *_____* 
For example, this Shrek plush toy which I believe was made in China cost me SG30 kot? But I didn't have the heart to say no the moment Adam grabbed this Orga, hugged him very tight and said, "Ayah Kun!! Emmm, sayang Ayahhhh". Tell me how to say no? So terbanglah an equivalent to RM75 out of my purse. And that Shrek Ear Headband if I'm not mistaken harga SG10. Never in my life I bought a headband for RM25 tau, but anak punya pasai, I bayar jugaklah but luckily Aiman is still too young to ask for things. Hmpphhhh I wonder how parents with big kids jalan-jalan, must have allocated big amount for all this, "Mama nak ini, Ayah nak itu" kan?

Back to the main attractions, the first one here is Shrek 4D Adventure. Well, I must say a show that must not be missed because this is where you get to experience water sprinkling, shaking chair and characters leaping off the screen effects. Yes, with the help of 3D glasses lah. Just don't be stressed by the long queuing time, but in fairness, this 20 minutes show is still a great fun. 
Next is Enchanted Airways which to me is the most nice and mild roller coaster ride in the park. Plus, with its not so adventurous motions and short ride time, boleh kira macam junior roller coaster lah, tak sampai rasa nak tercabut nyawa semua. ;P
I didn't get to watch Donkey Live hence no comment for this Shrek's sidekick donkey show. Same for Magic Potion Spin, didn't get the chance to take Adam for this indoor children's ferris wheel because Aiman was screaming for milk that time, so malas nak beratur dah. 

We had our lunch at Goldilocks which served fast food. Taste and quality boleh lah, nothing so special except that blue meal container that came with kid's meal. Yes, it's free for you take home. :) Price is just as expected and reasonable considering it's a food outlet in a theme park. Dekat Sunway Lagoon pun mahal jugak. :P
Last but not least, we managed to meet and take photos with Shrek, Fiona and Puss in Boots live! Like finally! 

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