Another two laptop keys go bye! bye!


Can anyone tell me why Aiman has a very monstrous fingers because he tends to destroy everything he gets his hands on. And it has always been me as the very unfortunate tuan punya barang. Isk! I think I'm gonna lose my mind soon. 

Or is it something from the genes? Hah, must be from Mat Kown hahaha! Because I used to be very protective towards my stuff and very often refused to share things with others. But not anymore now, well, that's how married life has changed me lah kan. 

Seriously, having to work using an old almost kaput laptop can often be stressful and now thing gets even worse when some of main functionality keys broke off! Space bar, shift and enter. I tried to fix the keys back on but later to realize that it is very impossible because the silver rod under the keys are damaged. -____-"

Owh by the way, the backspace key is not responding well too because there were times when I had to highlight the text and hit the delete key instead of using the backspace function, and tell you what, the whole situation is extremely annoying. Now let's pray for kesejahteraan of the remaining laptop keys and  may that two black little poppers on Enter and Shift will remain in place because at least  I can still press the spot to replace the missing keys.

If any of these keys falling off lagi, hah, I will surely bug my husband to buy me a new laptop. Sebagai ganti  rugi perbuatan lasak his Mr. Mini Me. 

*Breathe in. Breathe out. Stop screaming, that will just add more wrinkles to your face. Nanti  habis duit lagi kena beli anti-ageing products pulak*

P/S: Not sure how many more of Shit My Kids Ruined incidents will happen after this. *Kesian ShilaShower*


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