Kehidupan sekarang yang serba mahal

"A not so full cart yet cost me a bloody RM130 for less than 15 items"
Haihhhh, what has happened to the world? Inflation? So that means the value of money has fallen lah kan? To me, everything is reflected in our daily expenses. Bad, so bad. Decrease in spending power. :/

Rendang Ayam, half sized of KFC fried chicken was sold for RM3 each. *I feel like cursing that makcik-cekik-darah, tapi sabar bulan puasa* Lesson learned, lebih baik masak, beli lauk kat Bazar Ramadhan, buat rosak poket jer. Nothing is cheap now, nak masuk toilet pun kena bayar RM1. Dulu bayaq dua kupang ja kot.

And as for the picture shown above, that easily cost me RM130 for a non-routine purchase and that is not even my basic monthly grocery items. Saja teringin itu ini pun dah total lebih seratus. So don't ask me to do my math on our normal grocery shopping trip, because that probably equal to my Kelisa 2 months installments. Enfapro Aiman 8 kotak jer dah nearly RM480, so how meh? That's why have to menjual diaper cakes demi mencari rejeki lebih. Hahaha. Or to provide extra kaching buat belanja jalan-jalan weekend. :P

I am no expert in economy but I think I can understand the very basic lah. Economy dulu dapat B+ ajer, itu pun agaknya bintang bertuah lalu masa buat exam kot -_____-

P/S: Kena beli gold bar la banyak, at least gold carry weight carry value, duit? Carry kertas kosong ja. *Mode mami jarum on!* :P


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