My usual Sahur meal

I know. What a pretty lame meal for many of you but two slices of wholegrain breads, toast and spread with butter and top with slice of cheese is a perfect meal for my sahur. Owh, and a mug of hot Milo too. :) 

I usually eat light during sahur (breads, oatmeal, cereals) and in fact, in a normal day pun I don't really eat heavy meals in the morning because heavy breakfast will definitely make me feel stuffy and sleepy for the next few hours. That kind of slow down my morning activities, rasa macam jadi kura-kura gemuk yang lembab. Hehe..Worse still, it doesn't help with hunger throughout the day sebab tengah hari mesti nak cari nasi jugak. 

Anyway, with my super light sahur and moderate menu for Iftar, I hope it makes a good combination to help me lose weight. Or maybe to give a buffer for additional weight gain during Raya, because I know that I tend to gobble down everything during month of Syawal without a slightest bit of doubt. Ah, the pleasures of Hari Raya foods. :P

So, what's your menu for Sahur? Wajib nasi kah like my husband? :P 

P/S: Random observation on men who smoke - mesti selit rokok & lighter dekat kain pelikat buat bekalan paru-paru sebelum habis waktu sahur and selepas waktu berbuka. :P

Ini budak kalu, pukul 5 pagi pun dia nak makan nasi. Well I can say, 50% of his daily activities is MAKAN. Makan roti, makan nasi, makan biskot, makan pasta, makan habuk, makan kertas, makan handphone, makan remote control and anything that he thinks is feed-able. -_____-" Owh, makan kaki too! Betul, Aiman suka cari kaki orang and gigit. *pelik tapi benar* Just don't suck your toe yet, Mama is not ready to give baby brother/sister yet. 


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