Mee Udang Mak Jah, Kuala Sepetang, Taiping

Caution! Read at your own risk. I won't be responsible for your sudden urge to eat mee udang right after reading this entry or else, bookmark this entry and come back later, maybe after iftar? :P Mana tau kot nanti berasa ketaq lutut lapaq nak makan, sendiri tanggung naaaa....Hehehe....

I've been keeping this entry for 3 months already and only to find out that it hasn't been published yet while I was doing some minor cleaning to my pending draft posts. :P Yeah, I know, that kind of evil to publish a food review entry during the day of fasting month. Just like what my husband cursed yesterday when he saw someone tagged him a picture of Nasik Royal on his Facebook wall, "nokharommmm haramjadah sungguh" Hahahahah! 

Terbaik okeh!

Only RM11 for this bowlful of fresh prawn mee! Something that you definitely won't get in Kuala Lumpur Darul Serba Mahai Nak Mampuih. :P Check out that huge fresh prawns! Total of 11 unfortunate prawns that later got stuffed into my rumbling stomach. Yes, I did count them individually, sebab giler nak compare dengan Mee Udang yang dok order dekat kopitiam. -____- A very flavorsome Malaysian dish where you get to taste the rich prawn stock and spicy and sourish *a bit* thick gravy.  
My whole Cik Kiah clan was blown away by the comforting goodness of this Mee Udang Mak Jah and we truly enjoyed the dish down to the last drop. Hirup kuah sampai habis punya, udang simpan dulu, makan last skali. Omputih kata, "save the best for last" Hihihihihi....And tapau is a must!

Tho the place was a bit hot and stuffy, probably just too many people that time *cuti hari pekerja kot*, we still enjoyed eating our Mi Udang and cleared our chunky prawns to the very last bit. :P
The only sad fact here is, the restaurant is located far away from KL city as it's in Taiping, Perak. Something that you can't visit so frequent lah kan, unless you are travelling up north, so boleh singgah :)

I can't remember the exact directions heading to Kedai Mee Udang Mak Jah, but we took the Changkat Jering exit and turned left after exiting the toll booth. Then onwards, you just have to follow the super helpful "Mee Udang Mak Jah - 7km" signboards. Seriyes, every km ada signboard Mee Udang Mak Jah. :) Confirm tak sesat punya. Hehe...
Parking space provided, tak payah sakit otak nak cari :P
 See? Rombongan Cik Kiah ke Kedai Mi Udang Mak Jah. Siap berpayung bertopi bagai. Hehe
 Si Putera Lilin, eekekkee...
 Ahh, nampak sungguh baik. But that was before kejadian "terbalikkan ABC Aiskrim Atas Mama".
Pakai baju lubang-lubang Tesco, lebih afdal, very angin friendly. :)


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