Selamat Hari Lahir Yang Pertama Aiman Haris

Back in Dec 2009, I got this bad panic attack (my heart was beating so fast, my hands were trembling) when I found out I was pregnant (again!). Abang Adam was just 8 months young that time, so yes, I was totally in shock when that pregnancy kit showed two faint lines; a positive result that I didn't expect at all. I freaked out! 

Well, tho I always wanted FOUR kids in my team with them to be closed in age, but considering the possibility of them getting into school at the same time, ah nooooo, I don't think my husband would ever agree to that. :/ Due to that, we were a little serious on spacing and we didn't plan for another baby (at least until Adam is THREE, kononlah!) but thing just happened. :P Deep inside, I believe, Allah knows best. Aiman Haris is indeed a special gift from Him. 

Alhamdulillah...we glad that we have our second Jeneral with us now. :)


You turned me into a Monster Momma, 

You made me scream, 

You made me run, 

You keep me on the moves, 

You (sometimes) got on my nerves too, 

But above all,

You are the one who melts my heart most.

P/S: Ketua Kampung sudah ada 6 gigi, jalan pun dah lesen P. Hehe...


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