"Create Memories with Mum" Event

Kudos Her World magazine (Blu Inc.) for organizing such a wonderful event and yeah, thank you Nuffnang for inviting me to the so called mommy-daughter getaway. Ok, so obvious that I don't have a daughter lah kan, so to me it was more of a blogger-mums event. :)

This very fun-filled event was held at Aman Rimba, Janda Baik; about an hour drive from KL but heh, we went there by bus, so the journey took a little longer than usual as the bus had to go up the steep zig zag hill road. Something that I wouldn't want to imagine ever again, siap gaung kiri kanan bagai. Scary!

Being transported by bus, and later have to walk further (very far!) to get to Aman Rimba Resort (on the way back, we smacked 8 people inside a Saga car to get to the main road, hahaha malas jalan), plus the not so easy treasure hunt activity, I seriously felt like we were in an orientation camp or something. Tinggal takdak warden garang saja. :P 

Besides treasure hunt, we also had a sharing session with the experts (supported by GSK) on "Protecting against Cervical Cancer" where we get to know more about our cervix , HPV vaccine and the newly introduced programme by Ministry of Health for Malaysian seconday school girls aged 13 to 19. There are two programmes currently taking place: (1) The MOH HPV National Immunisation Programme is for Form 1/13 year old girls where vaccination is provided for free and (2) The MMA HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens is for teenage girls aged between 14-19 where vaccination is provided at an access price 

So, why 13? Because this age group produce better immune response as compared to older age group and this free vaccination will only be given with written consent from the parent

For more info on this MMA HPV Vaccination programme, please dial their toll free number 1800-22-8688, Monday to Friday 10.00am to 6.00pm J

Anyway, there is something that I would like to highlight here, this Human Papilloma viruses are not anything like STD but yes, it can be sexually transmitted. Obviously cervix is located inside our body kan, so highly likely, the very most thing that come into contact with it adalah pen*s. Get it? Unless you use some other device yang ada kuman melekat, *euwww!* so pun boleh kena also. :P This is not some prostitute-transferred-disease ke apa tau, this is about hygiene and cleanliness, kalau ada kuman melekat kat toilet bowl, pun boleh kena kalau tak jaga betul-betul. So take good care of your asset than down there, tak ada spare part boleh beli punya. But for us yang dah kahwin, just go and do your routine pap smear test okies?

On top of that, we also had this makeup demo by Victoria Jackson (a new make up line that soon will hit Malaysia market) and skin care trial by Origins (oho! I love their free stuff!) ;) Food was ok except a minus point for the non-availability of mineral water. Ada plain water, itu pun kena mintak. -_____-"

So here, some of the photos that were taken during the event. Credit shall be given to the owners as they are so baik hati to share the pics with me. My camera was kaput before we even started the treasure hunt *hampeh* and the fact that I was down with flu and went all ting-tong due to two doses of Clarinase, lagi la takdak mood nak bergambar. So terima kasih lah Nur, Madam and Merryn for the pictures ya? :)

Naik bas!
 Jalan kaki pulak, punya lah jauhhh
Dah sampai Aman Rimba!

 Potong A4 to make a large ring yang boleh muat 2 orang! Magis! 
 Googling for answer, hekhekhek!
 Bare face, demi Origins skin care trial. Memang ku tempek abes serum-serum semua :P
Make session - Victoria Jackson 
 Dengan Noe, rakan seperjuangan tinggi. Heheheh...
Ok, muka gembira dapat barang free, boleh la balik rumah sekarang. :)


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