Kesayanganku Adam Haris

Adam Haris.

Rasa dah lama tak bercerita tentang Adam Haris. In fact, he is almost two and half years now, haihhh how time flies by too quickly and my little boy has grown up so much. I still remember how he made me spent my birthday in a labor room, waiting anxiously to see him for the first time. 

Now, he is no longer my little busuk masam baby but a big grown up Abang Adam. Owh, the busuk masam part is still here anyway. My eldest is a very lovable big brother in his way, but sighhh, still very often gets hit by his baby brother. Just like the other day, when he tried to coax Aiman (who was trying to bolot iPad all for himself), "Adik jangan nangishhh, Abang kan  adeeee..." *I was like, auwwww!! Cair! Cair*  but Aiman went berserk and smacked Abang right straight on his face. -_____-" "Mama!! Adik buat!!!" Terus dah tak loving dah lepas tu.... 

One interesting fact about Adam, he has put a big trust on Zambuk herbal balm which I think he thinks Zambuk is one miracle remedy for every-life-injury, be it big or small. Up to an extent of kaki-sakit-adik-pijak, "Mama! Bubuh Zhembuk!" -_____-" Of course there was nothing serious happen to his leg except sakit kena pijak, pun nak sapu Zambuk. 

But owh, here another interest pelik of him. Butter. Yes, butter makan dengan roti tuh. He can eat spoonful of butter just like that. Sekarang, butter dalam fridge kena sorok-sorok, sebab kalau Adam jumpa, habis dia makan macam ice cream. What a weird taste u have my son. ~____~

On the learning side, I think Adam has been picking up things so fast. Yup, very laju macam dekat express lane. And he doesn't talk baby language and trust me, it's fun to have a conversation with him. Except that we have to monitor his words closely because he tends to capture and repeat every single word that we said at home. Takut terlepas cakap, tak elok lah kan. There was one time *dekat mall kot* when he mentioned this word "aku" and "bodoh" and "jahat" which all to me is not a good words for kids. So I went "Apa tuuuu, Mama tak faham. Adam cakap bahasa apa ni??" in a way to let him know that I don't understand a single word that he said. Alhamdulillah, he just dumped the words as if it was some alien language that no one would ever understand. 

We are thinking of sending him to this Tahfiz school in Lembah Keramat but am not sure if they accept a 3 years old kid as a student; yet to call the school for further details. Or maybe some other Islamic Montessori within our home radius. But heh, that can probably go up to Melawati and Setiawangsa area macam tuh. :P Ada suggestion? 

What else?

Owh on his eczema issue. Yeah, masih ada "jekjima" as Adam said. But getting much much better than what it was before. After all eczema is a very fluctuating condition whereby sometime it can be perfectly under control but it can also flare-up in a sudden. But what most important now, Adam can already consume many of dairy based products. So good lah for him. 


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