No.1, Aiman's Street

Aiman's Street party went well, alhamdulillah. Despite of quite a number of our close friends were not around, party was still meriah and fun as what we hope for. :)

A big huge thank you to everyone who came out to No.1, Aiman Street, we had a blast and hope that you had as much as we did too ;) And with every smile that day, I know, it worth every bit of my gunting-kertas effort since past one month =P 

Of course I am very much thankful to Kak Lisha for her awesome Sesame Street designs that she made for Aiman. Tanpa party printables ni, macam mana I nak gunting kertas kan?

How I wish that I'm a party planner by profession, but no lah, sebab I have few other things that need my highest and full commitment. 

I shall post a proper entry about preparing Aiman's Street and making it live, soon. InsyaAllah...


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