How we spent our Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Celebrating our malam raya with a big mug of hot latte in Starbucks Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Hospital. You read it right; the last place that you would want to spend your malam raya adalah hospital.
And listening to takbir raya in ward is also the most heart breaking moment for us. Sedih tak terkira dah. Tho my husband kept on saying, "Raya Haji jerrr", still, masih lah Hari Raya. No one on earth would want to spend malam raya in hospital, no, not a single hour. 

Having experience that, I tabik spring to all doctors, nurses and hospital staffs for making it a normal situation in their career life. :) And membuatkan I bersyukur sangat, that Adam bukanlah sakit teruk like many other parents that probably malam raya tengah jaga anak yang sakit kritikal, those in ICUs semuakan. So bersyukur. Kalau kita rasa kita teruk, many others out there lebih teruk daripada kita. 

Nevertheless, lepas dah emosi sakan malam raya dalam ward D508, we still managed to go home on the Hari Raya eve itself as Adam got his 8-hour home leave permission from Dr.Foo. So, yeah, life isn't so bad (lepas dah emo-core dekat Twitter) and I still got to stuff my stomach with raya dishes after all. Ngeh ngeh ngeh....
As for Adam, he is doing very much ok now than the first day he got admitted into the ward. This time, Pneumonia. Baru start as shown on his x-ray image. Glad that we went to see Dr.Foo, his paedatrician sebab on the day before, I dah bawak pergi clinic and that GP said, "ok je, lung biasa je". Even after I explained Adam baru keluar ward the week before due to Bronchitis and his eczema history bla bla bla, GP tu muka macam biasa je. 

But my motherly instinct said, something is just not right. Adam was wheezing and coughing that night with a sign of shortness of breath. And laju semacam. So off we went to Pantai on the next morning and with Adam medical history bagai, Dr. takmau risk bagi dia balik rumah. Plus his super-karate-motions against oral prescription, so setting up IV line is the only option for him. Seriously, Adam rela cucuk tangan lagi daripada telan ubat. -______-"

Eczema and asthma is very much inter related, which may manifest to other allergies and respiratory problems like that. He didn't show any asthma symptoms before pun, just for the past 3 months dah start wheezing, coughing and kena bronchitis and pneumonia semua. Kiranya after umur 2 tahun lah. Pneumococcal vaccine complete je pun, but I am no medical expert here, maybe due to different virus ke apa. Mungkin nak kena tanya Dr. petang nanti. :)
Adam is expected to be discharged today, so balik nanti kena monitor balik diet plan dia betul-betul. Schedule diaper cakes I pun dah haywire, but thank you, all my customers faham bila I kena tukar few dates ke depan. But don't worry, usually I memang akan upgrade sikit DC to compensate the delay. So win-win for both. :)


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