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Kiddies Patch.

I've visited the school this morning and yeehaww! we both have decided to enroll Aiman for next school year which the class will commence on Jan 5, 2012. It's a full day care program which to me is more like an upgrade version of Taska as compared to two others in Taman Ehsan. Upgrade as in ada swimming pool and modern setting, hehehe...By the way, anyone who is interested in running a day care business, please do it in Taman Ehsan Kepong. You are so going to make big bucks out of it, choices kat neighborhood itu terlalu sikit, so less competition there. Hehehe...

My verdict? I can say mostly everything there impressed me so much and you know what, I didn't see any kids crying after being dropped off at school. Semua nampak happy jer waved bye-bye to parents :)  As for the school, probably not very posh like those high end school in Bangsar (say Julia Gabriel) which I also don't know how's the inside, hehehe, but for Kiddies Patch's facilities, layout and environment, to me, its worth what you paid for. Tho my husband is expecting a little bit more extravagant and modern playschool for his Mr.Muka Legend, but to me, I am totally fine and happy with mostly everything there, tho I forgot to check on few other important stuff like menu plan and daily time table. I shall take note on this and check for further details during its open day this Saturday. :)

The kids there are multi cultural (Malay, Chinese, Indian & Foreign) with multi-language being used. Mainly English, then ada BM and basic Mandarin macam tuh. I can see that they focused a lot on child-centered curriculum where kids are free to choose their activity and project. Freedom to act, sesuai lah tu dengan Aiman Haris. Hehe...Most importantly, very homelike atmosphere, so it's stress free for the kids. 

 Baby room, baby cot with name, cute kan?

 Dining area

Hall area, very spacious!

For now, we have decided to enroll Aiman for the full day program and will see how it goes. And let's say Adam starts to show more interest about going to school, nothing to worry as we are free to change Aiman's program to half day (upon discussion with school management) and slot in his Abang together. Owh, 10% discount for siblings ;)

One thing for sure, all of this is making an impact on our 2012 household budget. :P And it looks like I have to cross few things off the wish list *handbag, ehemm, Sony NEX, ehemmm laptop* The thought of getting new car pun, it's all going down the drain. Hoh! I just realized that Aiman's playschool fee is close to what Telekom paid for my one trimester fee back then in MMU. Tsk.....

Kind of expensive, I know, but this is the best choice we have so far for Aiman Haris. The one that best suits most of my requirements, especially on the safety issue and teacher to student ratio of 1:5. But as expected, high requirement, high jugaklah fee dia. Maka dengan itu, sekian. 

Info: For kids age 2-3, teacher student ratio is 1:10, above 3, ratio is 1:15.

My baby is going to school next year~!! *biasalah, parents always get excited when their kids start schooling, kan? kan? kan?*

P/S: Habis dok congak gaji, accounts, Nuffnang advertorial payouts, untung diaper cakes, hahaha, nak bayar yuran sekolah anak. Tapi anak baru 2 tahun. Over!


Lalitha Chandramoorthy


This is a splendid review madam...thanks a ton - really useful for people like us who are planning to come there soon and were looking for some guidance/inputs on a kindergarden :-)

God bless...



Hi! I am considering this school for my gal next year. I trust that your child bas graduated by now. How do you like or dislike about the school? Mind to share more?

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