Play School + Day Care Hunting

I didn't know it would be this hard for me to find a good play school & day care for my son (referring: Aiman Haris). I thought it would just be as easy as picking up things in a supermarket but no, it is not. Considering my relatively high requirements plus the previous history of going in and out Pantai hospital, school's cleanliness, safety, layout and material arrangement is my number one concern here.

I'm looking for a place which the building and compound is just in a perfect size for Aiman to explore his new world. Not too big macam Tadika Diyana or Villamaria like that but hopefully not too small and confine like one located in this office building. Hihihi...I mean, just enough room both indoor and outdoor for Aiman to roam around yet not putting his safety at risk. Besar-besar sekolah, nanti hilang anak hensem I. :P Well, you never know what Aiman is capable of doing.

On top of that, I need it to be a full day programe (8.30am-5.30pm), located within a given radius from home, play based school (come on, siapa yang kejam nak torture 2yo kid with academic oriented programe kan?), ada attractive outdoor play equipment, NO HOMEWORK, professionally trained teachers, approved by JKM, include parents involvement, English medium, students from mix community and reasonable FEE structure.

But HAHA! The last part; FEE structure, as always will not be on the favorable side. Not a pleasant figure for my pockets, but I will get everything in my checklist marked and checked. Nak cerewet, nak macam-macam, sedia duit jer lah yer dak? Hehehe...
And recently, I stumbled upon this website; KIDDIES PATCH and walla! from the tele-conversation and brochure downloaded from website, I can tell that this school has met most of my requirements for Aiman's playschool hunting. EXCEPT yet again, the fee part because it's going to cost big bucks for just a playschool. RM1100 per month for full day program. *pitam pitam!* To some people, "boleh beli kereta baru weh!" or "boleh bayar rumah dah!" but hmphhh, a new car is not in my wish list whilst house monthly installment is on my husband's kunci kira-kira. Fee will be slightly cheaper for Adam but considering that Adam is very prone to get infected easily by flu and cough, hence sending Aiman to day care is the best option for now. Nak hantar Adam, tapi macam-macam yang kita orang risau. So KIV dulu.

Personally, Adam is on the fast lane already but Aiman, I think, has a lot to catch up. Kesian jugak, no one is there to sit one-to-one and ajar Aiman. Or maybe this little man spesis yang on the move jer, macam mana nak ajar, dia pun takmau nak dengaq. So maybe we need to enroll him into program yang apply specific methodology, preferably Montessori or Reggio Emilia. Learning through play and activity. Kalau buku jangan harap Aiman nak layan. -____-"

Having said that, insyaallah I will be going to visit this school this coming Saturday, so next info I update nanti. But this school has somewhat win my heart lah. *kena gigih buat diaper cakes lagi ni, nak bayar yuran sekolah anak* kuikuikui....


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