Toffee Nut Latte is Back!

Memang habis duit lagi lah Nov sampai Dec nih. Habis beli ayaq mahai, eekekke...I can foresee a weekly visit to Starbucks cafe nih, untung-untung cukup points untuk redeem 2012 organizer macam selalu. Hihihi :P

 But this time, they introduced this.

Starbucks card. Purchase it at RM20 with the same amount credited into your account. So boleh la guna beli air ke apa. Then, after dah activate your card dekat website, boleh pergi redeem your
FREE grande size drink, good eyh? 10 points dapat 1 free drink, 15 points dapat 2012 organizer and ada lagi lah birthday privilege and etc. :)


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