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My husband went to hairdresser yesterday and while having his haircut, he chit chatted with this amoi about works, current issues, gossips and later kids.

So my husband told her, "Saya sudah ada 2 anak tau. 2 tahun and 1 tahun"

And in excitement that lady replied, "Haiyoh!! Itu anak 1 tahun mesti banyak garang wohhh. Tahun lepas tahun tiger maaa"

Haha! Yes true. No wonderlah our little Mr. Incredible is behaving such way, anak tahun Harimau rupanya.

And out of boredom tadi, I googled for Chinese Zodiac and it brings me to such an amazing results about people characteristics according to the respective animal year. Ok, just don't take it seriously, anggaplah macam personality studies macam Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah dok buat. Hehehe...
Aiman Haris: Metal Tiger - Year 2010

Sudah lah tiger, metal pulak. Patutlah keras satu macam. -____-

The Metal element gives the Tiger its sharpness in action and speed of thought (Aiman!). Tigers born in the Metal year like to stand out in a crowd (Aiman!). With an inspiring assertiveness and competitive demeanor, they determine their goals and then do anything necessary to achieve them (Aiman!). This good-looking character sometimes suffers from mood swings and temper tantrums (Aiman!). The Tiger can be known to jump to conclusions or to act too quickly without weighing the options or understanding the consequences (Aiman!). This is a flaw Tigers must learn to curb.

A quickness and an alert intelligence make Tigers fast learners. Tigers need a challenge (Aiman!). Most Tigers are natural born leaders who perform best knowing they are working towards positions of power and influence (this explains why Abang yang selalu follow Adik). Tiger babies and children are cheerful children with a zest and passion for life that ignites their curious nature. Boys will and girls alike will enjoy the competitiveness and athleticism sports require. From an early age, Tiger children can’t pass on a dare or a challenge (Aiman!). Intelligent and friendly, Tiger children carry a curiosity about life and their environment (Aiman!). In class, they are apt to enjoy and do better at subjects that give them the ability and creative freedom to express themselves.

Ok, that is very much of Aiman Haris Bin Mohd Fakhruddin.

Now let's see what this Chinese zodiac got to say about Adam Haris.

Adam Haris: Earth Ox - 2009

The most reliable and diligent Oxen belong to this collection of Oxen. The Earth element balances many of their negative characteristics. These Oxen are show good judgement, a good characteristic for successful financial dealings. Other people tend to look up to Earth Oxen because of their reliability, sincerity and their modest ambitions. They are willing to tackle the workload when it become overbearing for others and are loyal and compassionate with family and friends (Adam!).

Oxen are not the most sociable people and tend not to mix easily in social gatherings. Instead, they would rather be at home, enjoying their privacy and anonymity (Adam!). Children born under the sign of the Ox are quiet and amenable. They develop into solid, independent, resourceful children (Adam!), and are happiest when left to entertain themselves (Adam!). If interrupted, provoked or forced to do something against their will, they are likely to pout or show themselves, despite their audience (Adam!). Generally, Ox-born children are shy (Adam!) and at school, subjects with a constructive appeal will be of the most interest to them. They like art and music as well. They are creative children who enjoy sports too. They are respectful (Adam!), polite (Adam!), hard-working, children…something their parents take very seriously.

Ok, this is quite a lot of Adam too. T___T

I found it fun to read about this type of characteristic and personality stuff but as always, never paid too much attention to it. :P And sometimes I wonder what they have done to come up with all this amusing findings yet very much true about each zodiac year. 

P/S: Ini bahan bacaan ringan, bukan suruh percaya buat pegangan. Apa beza hang baca ini dengan baca apa yang Dr Azizan cakap? Sama bukan? Manusia jugak, cuma beza bangsa. Cheers!


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